Lorimer Living Room

Lorimer Living Room - 16 new meshes to furnish your sims homes with this lovely sectional set, televisions, tables, and some decor items. The bookshelves come in three different variations, which can all be used to create a "built-in" look in your sims homes. They align perfectly with the television placed in the entertainment center. Both the bookshelves and entertainment center have slots, so you can place decor items of various sizes.

I've also made a new stereo which is listed as a docking station. It sort of looks like an iPod sitting on well, a docking station. The corner piece of the sectional acts as a coffee table, so you can place the decor pillows or tray there if you'd like.

*You must use movesobjects on and snapobjectstogrid false cheats to align the sectional with the corner piece*

Here's the object information and you can download this set below.
ItemChannelsLocationPoly (High)Poly (Low)
Bookshelf V1 2 Bookcases 384v 192f 360v 180f
Bookshelf V2 2 Bookcases 144v 72f 144v 72f
Bookshelf V3 2 Bookcases 304v 152f 304v 152f
Canvas 1-3 Decor/Paintings 96v 56f 96v 56f
Coffee Table 3 Coffee Tables 264v 200f 208v 152f
1x1 Coffee Table 3 Coffee Tables 264v 200f 208v 152f
End Table 3 End Table 264v 200f 192v 144f
Entertainment Center 3 TVs 433v 362f 433v 312f
Dock Station 3 Stereos 338v 366f 294v 336f
Lamp 3 Table Lamps 471v 466f 255v 198f
Pillow 3 Misc/Decor 222v 360f 220v 360f
Sofa 3 Sofas 640v 700f 627v 700f
Loveseat 3 Sofas 627v 700f 565v 597f
Corner Piece 3 Coffee Tables 555v 597f 512v 560f
Tray 3 Decor/Misc 503v 498f 232v 162f
TV (Mounted) 1 Tvs 73v 68f 73v 68f

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