Slipper Tv Set

This is a slightly older set of mine featuring 3 different television sizes, all place-able on basically any surface. Aside from the televisions, there's a credenza and an end table you can place the tvs upon if you'd like. There is also a electronics decor items and a slipper chair your Sims can relax in to watch television.

Mesh Information
ItemPriceLocationHigh PolyLow Poly
Chair$400Living Chairs288V 212F248V 170F
Credenza$800Coffee Tables456V 300F456V 300F
Decor/Clutter$150Decor/Misc358V 204F178V 96F
End Table$200End Tables144V 72F144V 72F
Televisions$300Electronics/TVs132V 74F132V 74F


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