Acorn Office Set

08/06/13 - Package file link updated.
Hi Guys!
I'm going to post this quickly and without much thought at the moment. Today I bring you a seven (7) piece office set inspired by the mid-century style. There's a desk, chair, end table, corner bookcase, rug, laptop, and wall art/frame. The frame and rug come with preset overlays. Some rug options are customizable but only the frame and background of the frame can be customized; the art is an overlay. Also, in order to place the bookcase correctly hold the ALT key. The bookcase is functioning but has empty slots so you can place whatever decor you'd like there.

ItemChannelsHigh PolyLow PolyPrice
Bookcase3200v 120f144v 72f$75
Chair3660v 500f372v 30f$250
Computer3336v 290f248v 200f$850
Desk3906v 636f530v 390f$500
End Table3704v 504f518v 378f$195
Frame256v 28f56v 28f$100
Rug38v 6f8v 6f$100
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