Ellipse Kids Room

After a few weeks of working on and off to finish this set, I now bring you a new bedroom for kids. It's an 11 piece set ranging from bed to television; all recolorable. This set is called Ellipse and is based off of the mid-century style of design from the 1940's and 50's. I hope you enjoy this set and as always I've provided both Sims 3 Pack and .Package files.

ItemChannelsHigh PolyLow PolyPrice
Bed41049v 1176f 895v 910f$900
Bookcase3 821v 536f 784v 482f $400
Chair3236v 304f236v 304f$300
Curtain3630v 568f554v 472f $200
Desk3422v 292f 422v 292f $500
Dresser3 703v 451f 391v 214f $800
Framed Art3 224v 112f 224v 112f $100
Lamp2 323v 524f 214v 284f $90
Nightstand3 416v 260v 208v 116f $300
Rug3 24v 12f none $300
Television2250v 210f 250v 210f $1200

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