Nash Entry Set

This small set includes six new meshes to clutter up your sims' entry way. There is a 2 tile side table that has 21 slots for you to fill up with decor items. Along with the new table you also get a mail tray, plant with vase and photo holder, a runner (rug), a shiny lamp and a functioning ottoman. All items are castable to a certain point while some objects may have preset overlays; just look for the recolorable option of that mesh.

ItemChannels    High Poly       Low Poly   Price
Decor      3   339v 478f        199v 212f    $25
Lamp      2   306v 287f        302v 285f    $130
Mail Tray      1   142v 68f        102v 62f      $50
Ottoman      1   305v 458f        64v 60f    $100
Runner    1-2    4v 2f        n/a     $100
Table      3   508v 458f        476v 432f        $600


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