Avec Living Room

I've been working on this set for awhile. It's a living room set that includes 13 new meshes, mostly casteable. It was made to be a cute little eclectic set with different textures and colors to bring some happiness into your sims' lives. As always I tried keeping the polygon count as low as possible while still maintaining as much detail. The download links are below, only download the sims 3 pack or package files, not both. Happy Simming and Thanksgiving all!

ItemChannels    High Poly       Low Poly   Price
Arm Chair3743v 1120f414v 512f$200
Art048v 28f24v 12f$50
Blanket1112v 168f112v 168f$12
Clutter 0013302v 292f142v 104f$1
Clutter 002060v 30f60v 30f$2
Candle Boxes3302v 240f180v 224f$25
Cube Table3222v 256f40v 20f$110
Floor Lamp3527v 470f269v 192f$95
Loveseat3956v 1240f403v 384f$300
Pillow3292v 480f100v 128f$18
Rug0-310v 8fnone$45
Side Table2132v 120f100v 64f$45
Sofa3956v 1240f403v 384f$500


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