Jannis Mini Office Set

Update Jul 9 '14 - Bookshelf has been updated to fix slot issue.
Jannis Mini set is a 8 piece set that includes a bookcase with 11 functional slots. There are six decorative items: Blocks, Books (standing, and laying), Boxes, Candy Dish, and Hour Glass. I've also included the tree pattern pictured on the walls as well. The bookcase is a functioning bookshelf that comes empty to fill as you please. You can also use it as an entertainment center as tvs made placeable can be placed in the center top slot.

ItemChannelsHigh PolyLow PolyPrice
Books (Standing)0192144$20
Books (Laying)07266$18
Candy Dish016660$20
Hour Glass030660$15


Package Files  or Sims 3 Pack
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