TS4 - TriPod Dining Set

July 23, 2015 - The pendant light has now been fixed and added into the rar with the other objects or can be downloaded separately.
TriPod Dining features the Tripod dining table in 6 wonderful colors accompanied by matching chairs. Pair this furniture up with some nice decor items like the matching rugs, and color art.

3 minutes after uploading the RAR for like the billionth time, I found an error with the bread bag texture. I fixed it! - please redownload if you've already downloaded the set.

Please feel free to recolor to your liking and share around the community. Always link back to my site if you recolor any original meshes of mine.

Pendant Light
Decorative Pipes
Bowl of Eggs
Plate of Toast
Fruity Wall Art
Bag of Bread - !texture fixed!

Only for The Sims 4.
Mediafire or Box
Pendant Light - MediaFire or Box

Other images:

Ingame render

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