TS4 Bohemian Style Bunker Set pt1

1/1/2018 - Updated for Cats & Dogs Patch

12/18/2015 - I went back and fixed a small issue with the lights. Now instead of the entire object illuminating when turned on, only the bulbs themselves will light and have their color changed when altered. Please replace the original light package with the updated file below.

Another small set I was working on before Thanksgiving 2015 and I just now fixed a size issue with the frame. Now it's ready for upload. I was inspired by this photo here and I might expand on this later depending on how popular this set might be. The frame has 8 swatch options and the hanging lights (found in ceiling lights) have 7 swatches.

T.O.U: Please feel free to recolor anything I upload unless stated otherwise. Always link back to the thread in-case of update purposes.

Only for The Sims 4.

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