The Airplane Bedroom

1/1/2018 - Updated for Cats & Dogs Patch

A small themed bedroom set for your kids or teens for The Sims 4. The Airplane bedroom comes with 4 new meshes and 1 base game recolor. The bed frame has several slots allowing you to place decor items and even lamps, making the need for an end table non-existent. The foot of the bed has it's own toy box space, just search "Airplane toychest" and use the Alt key to place perfectly. The turbines can be found by searching the term Airplane as well, they place under the back wings of the frame. 

The new cloned mattress is important, you have to use this specific mattress if you want the toy box to be accessible once its been placed inside the frame. This is because the shadow layer on other separated mattresses is too long in length and causes interference with the routing to the toy box. However, you could always just place child decor clutter inside the toy box instead of using a real one.

There are 8 color options for each item, except the bedding which has 16 (with airplane pillow emblem and without).

Polycount for objects are as so:
  • Bed Frame: 1122 High; 1122 Low
  • Toybox: 44 High; 44 Low
  • Turbine: 328 High; 202 Low
Thank You to Annachibi for the mattress
Created with Sims 4 Studio
Wallpaper by @Keenpea
Only for The Sims 4.

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