Topanga Corner Bar + Wine Bottles

The Topanga Corner Bar is the perfect piece to complete your house. The convenience of the design allows you to save space in your home, while giving the room more storage. The piece only costs $125 and comes in 8 lovely woods tones with #13 slots in total (11 small, 2 large). There are two wine bottle meshes taken from the base game wine shelf, they each have 3 matching color swatches.

Find the corner bar under end tables and the wine bottles in clutter.

Other clutter items are from [x][x][x]
Poly count for all three items are as is: 

  • Bar: 72 (all lods)
  • Wine Bottles #1: 161 High; 129 Low
  • Wine Bottles #2: 221 High; 150 Low

Only for The Sims 4.
OneDrive or SimFileShare

Other Images:

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