Spetses "Bedroom" Set

The Spetses "Bedroom" is a versatile Bohemian themed set that features the ability to turn this metal frame in to either a piece for your bedroom or perhaps even your living room. The cushion provided acts as a sofa while or perhaps you'd prefer to place your mattress upon it? There are two frame sizes, a double and a single sized. The cushion is sized so two can be placed on the double frame.

There are also some decorative pieces included as well such as the canopy (single and double), strings lights (pole and hanging version), throw pillows (large and small), and a bolster pillow (the long one). All pieces should place without any issues, but you will need to finesse the lights into proper positioning.

Finally, some pieces are cloned from one another so without the "master" object, the clone will not show up in game.  For example, in order for the single frame to appear in game, you must also have the double frame. This retains to almost everything in the set (lights, throw pillow, canopy).

PolyCount & Swatch Information:

Bolster Pillow: 226 polygons
Canopy: 292 polygons
Frame: 2702 polygons
Cushion: 602 polygons
String Lights (Hanging): 1000, 748, and 496 polygons
String Lights (Pole): 1923, 1300, 1148 polygons
Throw Pillows: 384 polygons
Download File Size: 13.7mb

Only for The Sims 4.
OneDrive or SimFileShare or MediaFire

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