Eucalyptus Dining Room

01/03/2018 - Updated for Cats and Dogs Patch

The Eucalyptus Dining Room comprises of 17 new items that come in an about 15 color swatches; some items have less. This updated version of the dining room now comes with the cabinets in two heights and a ceiling light in all three wall heights. A lot of the items are linked to one another, so making sure to keep the "Master" file in your downloads at all, or else the other items wont show up.

The Normal Bookcase is the 'master' for the medium bookcase.
Dining Bench A is the master for B & C.
Candle Holder Normal is master for Medium and Small.
Normal Height Ceiling Lamp is master to Medium & Tall

Polygon & Swatch Information

MeshLOD 0LOD 1LOD 2Swatches
Bench (A/C) 652v 532p451v 290p 451v 290p 15
Bench (B) 904v 474p492v 248p 492v 248p 15
Bookcase (Normal) 1830v 914p1118v 562p690v 348p15
Bookcase (Medium) 2666v 1330p1094v 550p614v 310p15
Cabinet (Normal) 870v 436p514v 260p 314v 160p 15
Cabinet (Medium) 1706v 852p794v 400p 594v 300p 15
Ceiling Light (All) 1526v 2112p720v 875p 435v 463p 13
Chair 2411v 1175p819v 843p 556v 508p 15
Decor - Books 384v 214p384v 214p n/a 5
Decor - Candle Holders (All) 1183v 522p149v 210p n/a 11
Decor - Candlestick 71v 68p71v 68p n/a 11
Table 888v 926p690v 656p 550v 475p 15

Download File Size: 24.0 mb
Base Game Compatible: Yes
Wood Texture: Lexicon Luthor

Only for The Sims 4.

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