Silly Sleeping Toddler Poses

"How'd you even...?" "Why are you...?" these are all valid questions I'm sure Sim parents have asked themselves when they've found that their little ones have fallen alseep in such weird places or positions. Whether it be from bad parenting or just having that one (or more) kid who can get into anything, these are 10 poses to reflect just that. 

Man, parenting is hard... but being a toddler is tiring.

In this download there are 4 packages, 1 pose set and 3 decorative blankets to use with some of the poses. I've also included the diffuse texture for all three blankets so you can make recolors if you'd like. Also, should mention that the blankets come in 25 swatches.

If you have any issues setting up the poses, please refer to the images I have posted within this post.

Download File Size: 10.7 mb
Base Game Compatible: Yes
Required: Pose Player | Teleport Any Sim
Made with Sims 4 Studio Harmony

Only for The Sims 4

OneDrive | SimFileShare | MediaFire

More Images:

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