TS4 - Halloween Costumes for Kids

Happy Early Halloween Simmers! I finally finished this costume pack for the kids. There are a total of 8 costumes and 4 masks to complete the set. The girl's costumes are using a brand new custom mesh as well as the Spiderman and Batman costumes. There are quite a few packages included in the download, but for those of you who would prefer the downloads in a single package, I've included that as well. Now, here's some info on this set:

Costumes Include
Spiderman - unisex
Batman - unisex

Joker (3) - unisex

Batgirl - female
Riddler - female
Supergirl - female
Masks Include:

There are some seams on the Batman suit just because I had a hard time putting that one together. I basically had to go off of one photo reference and a bunch of costume accessory photos, so I apologize in advance.

    Only for The Sims 4
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