Chicago Bed Frame

1/1/2018 - Updated for Cats & Dogs Patch

There was some interest shown in this bed frame from when I posted the Salem End Table, so I did a complete remake of my Chicago Bed Frame. For this bed frame I had to use HQ textures (2048x2048) so the studs around the headboard wouldn't look too distorted. There are a total of 10 swatches for this frame, you can see them in the screenshots.

Included in the download:
Diffuse Texture

High - 974 Vertices / 1,369 Polygons
Medium - 540 Vertices / 551 Polygons

Other Info
Swatch Count: 10
Download File Size: over 9 mb
Base Game Compatible: Yes
Recolor Template Included: Yes
Custom Content Credits:

Only for The Sims 4.
OneDrive | SimFileShare | MediaFire

More Images:

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