Marquee Bedroom Set - Revised

1/1/2018 - Updated for Cats & Dogs Patch
The Marquee Bedroom Set is a 24 piece revision of an old bedroom set by the same name. I'd hope to improve on this set and that you will like this one better. I even included a double sized bed frame and plenty of curtain options. Each of the main pieces of furniture comes in the same 25 swatch colors and work well together mixed up. 

I did not include any mattress recolors with this set, but you can always download them from other creators. There are a total of 12 curtains, the "master" one being the low 1 tile size - the others are linked to that one to save on file sizes. So you will need to have that package in your mods folder for the others to show up.

Also, if you have anything from the original set, I ask that you remove it from your game before downloading this one. While there should be no issues with having both, there'd be less confusion and clutter in your game.

Polygon & Swatch Information

MeshLOD 0LOD 1LOD 2Swatches
Bed Frame (Twin) 1443v 1893p984v 1143pn/a25
Bed Frame (Double) 1678v 2329p 1160v 1403pn/a25
Curtains (All) 612v 548p 358v 274pn/a 25
Decorative Paper Doll 12v 6p12v 6p12v 6p12
Decorative Giraffe Head 312v 316p312v 316p209v 197p4
Dresser 1396v 804p 1000v 605p439v 297p25
End Table 1136v 642p 740v 422p646v 346p25
Rubik's Cube 1228v 729p969v 487pn/a1
Rug 4v 2p140v 70p140v 70p25
Seating Base 904v 470p650v 342pn/a23
Seating Cushion 151v 207p87v 105p87v 105p25
Table Lamp 235v 209p167v 133pn/a25

Download File Size: less than 27.0 mb
Base Game Compatible: Yes

Only for The Sims 4.
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