Semller's Raf Simons Rivets

Here are the updated version of  the Raf Simons shoe I converted back in early 2016. The mesh and textures are 100% originally Semller's whose Sims 3 version can be found here on Tumblr. I updated my Sims 4 version with a better uv map and color choices. I also made it available to toddlers, which will only show up with the kid's version. I should not that the shoes look a little weird in CaS, but are completely fine in game, you can check the photo below to see what I am referencing. 

Download File Size: 5.3 mb
Base Game Compatible: Yes
Made with Sims 4 Studio Harmony (Wishes)

Only for The Sims 4

OneDriveMediaFire | SimFileShare

T.O.U: Please feel free to recolor anything I upload unless stated otherwise. Always link back to the thread in-case of update purposes.

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