Stove Range Hoods

Hey all I'm back with a quick upload for you all. This time I bring you two range hoods; one wall mounted, the other hangs free from the ceiling as an island hood top. If you don't know what these are they go above your ovens to vent out any smoke, fumes or steam when you cook. Now these are purely decorative without any function what so ever, but I thought they'd be a nice addition to any kitchen. Both come in a default stainless steal preset and can be found under Kitchen > Small Appliances.

1x1 Dining Tables

Here's a set of 3 1-tile dining tables to add some variety into your smaller dining areas. They were created to fit with most style of homes and can be dressed up various textures to add some flare. Each table sits four sims for dining and only take up one tile in your home.

Noel Dining Set

Noel Dining is a 10 piece set. This set was originally suppose to be a Christmas upload but time got away from me and now it's an after Christmas set. In this update you'll find the main furniture pieces: a table, upholstered chair, sideboard, and ceiling lamp. The other six pieces are decorative items such as: the table cloth, rug, wine glass rack, stacked bowls and plates, and the big bowl. As always I've included information on each mesh as well as separate package and sims 3 pack downloads. I hope you enjoy.