Happy Easter 2016

Happy Easter 2016 and with that I have for you and yours some Easter clothing. 

Easter Dress for Girls: Uses the same mesh from my Halloween Pack, but I don't believe you need the mesh from that download to use this one. It comes in 10 beautiful patterns, base game compatible.

Skinny Tie Shirt: This is a mesh down from the adult male top from the base game. Comes in 16 colors, made to match the pants from this set; unisex

Plaid Button Down: You will need the original mesh from here. Comes in 7 plaid colors; unisex. Base game compatible.

Pressed Pants: Another new mesh based off of a BG pants. Comes in original colors + Easter colors = 17 colors; unisex. Base game compatible.

Bunny Ears and Flower Crown @Nolan-Sims 
Selfie Kids Pose Pack @EbonixSimblr
Dear Kim Poses @dearkims

Only for The Sims 4
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