Mid-Century Curtain Collection

My first curtain collection which took me longer than it should have but thank god I discovered the tutorial on referencing a repository item so I only have to create one main curtain and then the rest of them use the textures from that. So you all know what that means? You will need the package titled "OnyxSims4_MidCenturyCurtain_ShortHeight_Wide" for the rest of the other curtains to work. The curtains come in 41 or 42 swatch colors (I can't remember).

Additional Information:
Polygon Count: 528 (all)
All Lods Replaced
Swatch Count: 41 or 42
Download File Size: 4mb (roughly)
Base game compatible
Only for The Sims 4
OneDrive or SimFileShare or MediaFire

More Images:

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