DVF Collection for Gap

This was a special collection done for @Uniquely-Khaotic and now I am sharing it with all of you as well. These are just some bright fun pieces for your kids using patterns based off of DVF's Gap Kid Collection circa 2013 or so. I recolored some base game items along with a personal mesh of mine and @starkknaked 's jumper, so don't forget to grab those as well.

In the compressed file I have included a merged package along with separate packages so you can pick and choose what you want. Included in the recolors are shoes, t-shirt, button-down, romper, and tights; all base game compatible.

Additional Information:
Prerequisite: My Mesh and Starkknaked's Mesh
Swatch Count: 9
Download File Size:  8.5 mb
Base game compatible: Yes
Disallowed for Random: Yes
Only for The Sims 4
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