The Tommy Hilfiger Kid's Collection

This download was originally just going to be a pair of shoes but I decided to take it a few steps forward and add in some clothing and an extra pair of shoes. All items were created by referencing current items available on the Hilfiger website and outlet site; the casual shoes were inspired by the same ones from Famous Footwear

Most items are new meshes whether be converted down from adult to child, franken-meshed, or entirely created from scratch. The only items that do not require a mesh are the open layered button downs. 

I also would like to give a big thanks to those who helped me with testing this set: @inabadromance and @uniquely-khaotic.  Thank you to Orange Mittens, Andrew and all the other helpful people over at Sims 4 Studio.

PolyCount & Swatch Information:
Download File Size: Roughly 16 mb
Base Game Compatible: Yes
Recolor Template Included: No

Only for The Sims 4

OneDrive or SimFileShare or MediaFire

More Images:

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