Solid Colors - Simple Single Panel Door

I took the base game door and did some shotty attempt at digitally repainting the details to get rid of the wood textures. I think these came out decent so I am going to just put it here for anyone who wants to download them. There are 16 colors, the first few I attempted to match as closely to the original colors that the door came in, from there I just added what I wanted.

This is not a new mesh, just a standalone recolor. I've included a recolor template for anyone who wants to add anymore swatches, I only ask that you provide a link back to this page. There are two packages included in this download: The original solid recolors that have the original bump map and a second package with a new bump map to get rid of the dents and scratches. I personally like the original bump map. You should be able to have both packages in your mods folder without conflict.

Included in the download:
OnyxSims4_SimpleSinglePanelDoorRecolors.package - With Dents/Scratches
OnyxSims4_SimpleSinglePanelDoorRecolorsNoDents.package - No Dents/Scratches
Diffuse.psd - Recolor Template for PS users
Diffuse.pnd - Recolor Template for everyone else

Other Info
Swatch Count: 16
Download File Size: over 2 mb
Base Game Compatible: Yes
Recolor Template Included: Yes
Custom Content Credits: [ 1 ][ 2 ]

Only for The Sims 4.
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