Female Crop Top Recolors

I recolored Marigold's SS Crop top mesh using a Maxis' match texture and it comes in 34 solids colors. In a separate package I have also included 22 graphic design options for you as well. You can download the two files either separately or merged together. I used HQ textures (2048x4096) so the download might be a bit larger than your average recolors.

Don't forget to download the mesh or else these recolors will not show up in CAS. They come with their own custom thumbnail, just look for the Onyx Sims banner.

Other Info
Swatch Count: 34 Solids; 22 Graphics
Download File Size: over 3 mb
Base Game Compatible: Yes
Custom Content Credits: [Original Mesh]
Made with Sims 4 Studio (Jackpot)

Only for The Sims 4.
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