Franklin Entry - Mini Set

01/03/2018 - Updated for Cats and Dogs Patch

The Franklin Entry Nook set is a mini set consisting of  12 new meshes. It's a built in bench with cork board and overhead cabinet, perfect for mudrooms or entry foyers. The bench which hovers off the ground functions as a love seat with three shelves that have slots to place the included tray object or your own decor. The tray itself has slots, so you can place objects in them and then please the tray onto the shelf.

The cork board and cabinet move up and down the wall like paintings. The clutter for the board was made specifically for this cork board as it does not have slots like the base game one, so they hover slightly in front of the wall. The ceiling light comes in 4 heights so you can use it with all wall heights. Finally, a blanket throw is also included to add more clutter to your room.

Remember to use bb.moveobjects on to utilize every slot. I've also included the original textures for recolors.

Polygon & Swatch Information

MeshLod 0Lod 1Lod 2Swatches
Bench 220v 110p220v 110p220v 110p17
Blanket 1778v 1360p n/an/a15
Cabinet 868v 522p 692v 358pn/a 17
Cork Board 104v 62p 104v 62p 104v 62p 13
Cork Board Decor 88v 56pn/an/a5+
Lights 842v 648p 842v 648p842v 648p5
Tray 140v 70p140v 70p140v 70p23

Download File Size: less than 13.0 mb
Base Game Compatible: Yes

Only for The Sims 4.
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