Twin Size Boy Bedding &Twin Blankets

This set includes 35 new single bed recolors of Annachibi's single mattress - they're mostly unisex but I guess some could be viewed as 'boyish.' Please don't forget to download the original mesh linked below. There are also 3 decorative blankets included as well. They all come in solid colors, these are new meshes so no separate mesh download for them.

When downloading the mesh from Anna, you need the regular single mattress not the full stats versions. Get It Here.

Polygon & Swatch Information

MeshLod 0Lod 1Lod 2Swatches
Bedding n/an/an/a35
Blanket 1 1926v 3522p829v 1408pn/a28
Blanket 2 764v 1409p 411v 704pn/a28
Blanket 3 1092v 1909p 258v 381pn/a30

Download File Size: less than 25.0 mb
Base Game Compatible: Yes
Made with Sims 4 Studio (Jackpot)
Don't Forget: Mesh

Only for The Sims 4.
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