Anika Dress, Hat & Tights

This download consists of two new meshes, the dress and hat and then base game tight recolors. All LoDs have been replaced. If you have any issues, let me know via ask on Tumblr.

Polygon & Swatch Information

MeshLOD 0LOD 1LOD 2LOD 3Swatches
Anika Dress 2969v 4571p2871v 4382p1056v 1366p681v 734p12
Anika Hat 834v 1188p440v 664p310v 424p147v 196p13
Anika Tights n/an/an/an/a12

Download File Size: 5.0 mb
Base Game Compatible: Yes
Only for The Sims 4
OneDrive | SimFileShare

More Images:

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