Rustic Bathroom - Updated Jan. 2017

The Rustic Bathroom (half bath really) consists of 13 new meshes based off of this bathroom. This is a revised version of my original Rustic Bathroom, the packages wont conflict with one another, but this version is better so I recommend that if you have the older version to just delete it.

All the decor items aside from the rug and painting are linked, with the wooden wall plank being the master file. This just means they share the same textures to cut down on file size, and without the wooden wall plank package, the other decor items wont show up.

Polygon & Swatch Information

MeshLOD 0LOD 1LOD 2Swatches
Back Wall (A/C) 172v 70p172v 70p 172v 70p 8
Decor - Art 285v 182p285v 182p 241v 132p 12
Decor - Basket of Napkins 142v 94p142v 94pn/a6
Decor - Soap Bottle 72v 76p72v 76pn/a6
Decor - Toilet Brush 369v 355p131v 146p n/a 6
Decor - Wooden Plank92v 62p92v 62p n/a 6
Light 2457v 3288p1644v 1972p n/a 5
Mirror 1589v 928p1368v 687p 1211v 528p 5
Rug 12v 6pn/a n/a 20
Side Walls 148v 62p148v 62p 148v 62p 8
Sink 1267v 1068p934v 804p 844v 658p4
Toilet 1311v 842p470v 592p 351v 426p 4

Download File Size: 7.78 mb
Base Game Compatible: Yes
Wood Texture: Lexicon Luthor
Only for The Sims 4
OneDrive | SimFileShare

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