Toddler Michael Kors Demi Codie Sandals

Michael Kors' Demi Codies sandals for toddlers in the same 21 swatches as the child version. All lods have been replaced and you can view the polycount below.  There are some minor clipping issues when the toddler moves, but it's very small and not too noticeable. 
As with the child version because the uv space is limited, the texture isn't great. Just don't look too hard it, k?

Download File Size: 1.17 mb
Base Game Compatible: Yes
Made with Sims 4 Studio Harmony (Wishes)

Only for The Sims 4

OneDriveMediaFire | SimFileShare

Would you like the Child version of these shoes? Click Here

T.O.U: Please feel free to recolor anything I upload unless stated otherwise. Always link back to the thread in-case of update purposes.

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